Sunday, May 6, 2012

SGA Animation

Since I am beginning production on my senior thesis I am posting my progress and anything to do with my thesis up on this blog.

My film is going to be a music video done in different styles of animation (music done by me).  I want to include a lot of variety and try new things.  The scenes, characters, styles are going to be changing all the time, I don't want my film to be stagnant, I want to put as much into this as I can.  Color, texture, style, sound, music...maybe film? We'll see, it's gonna be exciting!
        My main inspirations include the film Mind Game (this has a mixture of styles that I am very interested in doing for my film like film/photo, 2D style, and painted style.  My second main inspiration is Wanwa the Doggy, done by my favorite animation Shinya Ohira.  It's style and movement are so incredible, everything this animator does is mindblowing.

So, my film...

Synopsis -  A girl summons a demon and demands to be given its power.  It denies her demand so she offers it a bit of her blood in sacrifice.  It accepts her blood but instead takes much more from her than she has offered in punishment for her greedy demand.  It grabs her and possesses her by physically entering her being.  Once it is inside of her she must find away to preserve herself and escape the demon world she allowed to be forced inside her being.  

I don't want to give away the conclusion...I've got it all planned out, but I want it to be a suprise.  It is basically a fight for her own soul.  To clarify, (which it will be in the actual animation) the demon enters her actual body which leads to the inside of her where she also is like another world (the world that her soul exists in and the character of her inside is the personification of her soul).  I don't know if I needed to clarify but there it is.

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