Monday, October 31, 2011

Character Sheet/Bio and Inspiration

            Bea – short for Abby – is a 9-year-old girl with light rosy brown hair in a bun, green eyes, and tan skin from playing outside every day.  Bea is very scrawny, she wears a red and lavender ringer t-shirt with light denim shorts, and red striped tube socks with flip-flops.  She is almost always smiling and positive about everything.  She is always curious; asking questions, and has a very active imagination.  She stands up straight and looks like she is always full of energy and excitement.  She is a student in elementary school and enjoys going to classes and playing at recess.  She is an only child and has a nice home life; she and her parents like to spend time together.  Her favorite things to do are playing outside, recess, finding bugs, daydreaming, and talking to all kinds of people.  She is very open and not afraid to talk to anyone or ask any question, sometimes she may talk too much when she gets excited or meets someone new.
            She is not interested in boys; she just wants to make friends with anyone who will be her friend.  Her goal in life is to make friends, she currently only has one.  She sometimes gets frustrated when she realizes that making friends can be hard.  She is always nice and friendly to everyone, she can be affected by other people’s moods, and she is very sympathetic to other people’s feelings.  Bea almost always thinks positively about everything.   Her ambitions don't reach very far into the future, she is only thinking about the present and how much fun she can have playing and being around people.
            Bea’s is good at having fun and talking to people, she is also good at helping people out.  However at times, she can be insecure about feeling lonely, she tries really hard to make friends, but sometimes she may be too confident and friendly.
            Her only friend is the little boy down the street named Timothy.  He has a red bowl cut, freckles, and is short.  He is 6 years old.  Timothy is always in a bad mood, and he is demanding and bratty.  He lives with his grandmother who cuts his hair and makes him wear a navy blue sailor outfit because it makes him look “so adorable”.  Bea doesn’t mind his attitude; she is always nice and doesn't really realize how negative Timothy can be. 
            Bea’s parents are very nice as well; they raised her to be kind to everyone and to not take life too seriously.  They rarely punish her because she hardly does anything bad.  Bea is pretty naïve about most things and she is usually in her own world.

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