Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is my favorite place in Kansas City.  The fountain at the Plaza.  It's so great.  It is so inspiring to me and I can't get enough of it.  I always wonder how long it took to make these sculptures and I can't believe how talented this artist was.  The sculptures are huge and amazing with so much detail, I could look at it for hours.  


  1. I like how you included your feet in the picture. It'll be interesting where you would go from here in you 30 frame assignment.

  2. Concept:
    Excellent. Both images are very airy and open, but the spaces you're working with seem to work well from that vantage point and content/meaning.

    Good choices. I feel like I want a different angle for the garden image. Something maybe more eye-level. Only because it is such an intimate memory and feels just a tad distant when drawn from an above angle.

    The overall attention to detail is excellent. However, both images could use some tone, contrast and more detail. The fountain image feels "naked" because there isn't a strong sense of gravity due to the lack of tonality. Landscapes are naturally balanced against the sky (normally). So it's literally a solid against nothingness. When the tonality of an image is complete, especially in a landscape, it creates a stronger and more believable sense of atmosphere.

    Following instruction: